Sustainable China is committed to developing long-term perspectives on the sustainable development and green economy in China. Given the changing role of the public and private sectors and the uncertain outlook for sustainable development and environmental regulation, the program's focus on fundamental principles and thoughtful guideposts for senior executives and managers is all the more important. This program was initiated and supported by Sino-Forest Corporation, the first integrated Forestry Corporation in China with its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Nanjing Forestry University of China hosts Sustainable China, and Yale University School of Forestry And Environmental Studies of the United States designs its curriculum. These institutions work together to meet the increasing demands in China for human sustainable development and leadership management training. The program primarily focuses on sustainable development and management to support human health and economic development by addressing the accelerating global challenges and increasing the understanding of the relationship between the health of the biosphere and the welfare of human entities.

Sustainable China is dedicated to leadership training for better managing resources and for enhancing knowledge of better using those resources over the long term. The program’s curriculum is divided into three interdisciplinary clusters: (1) Sustainable Development - Leadership, Management and Policy, (2) Sustainable Development and Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment, and (3) Sustainable Development and Industrial Ecology. Case studies will be initiated by each participant at the beginning of the program and developed throughout the course for final presentation to allow the participants to give and receive feedback from faculty and peers. The leadership projects are based on each participant's workplace issue and are closely tied to the situation of China's current environmental and sustainable development.